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The Marine Corps of America is known all over the world as one of the great fighting forces that there ever was. The idea of an elite corps of soldiers that could be attached to the sea is certainly formidable, and it gives the Marines such an advantage over purely land-based troops. The Marine Corps were formed out of the ashes of the Continental Marines that fought during the American Revolutionary War. The Continental Congress convened in Tun Tavern, Pennsylvania in 1775 and the idea was to form a new corps that could act as landing troops for the Continental Navy. Although they were disbanded in 1783 for a period of fifteen years, the corps were sorely missed. And on the 11th of July 1798 they were reformed as a fighting unit. It is interesting that even today the Marines still celebrate their birthday on the 10th of November.

The Famous Marine Corps

The world is fully aware of the United States Marine Corps, they have featured so prominently in many key campaigns that their valor and success is legendary. Even the Marine Hymn is familiar to many people all over the world. The first line of From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli has featured in so many movies and songs it is legendary.

The Early Days

After a series of successful engagements during the 19th Century, the military ruling bodies of America found it hard to decide what was the best way to deploy the Marines. In the American Civil War they saw little or no action whatsoever. It was not till the latter part of the 19th Century that their true value was finally realized, and they saw action in Cuba, Korea, the Philippines and China. It was not coincidental that the Marine Corps were seeing more action as time went by, as the whole world was opening up as a conflict area. America’s influence as the world’s peacekeeper was drawing the country into more conflicts in areas far from home. And who better to serve in these far-flung places? The Marine Corps.

The Most Famous War Photo Ever

The Most Famous War Photo Ever
The Most Famous War Photo Ever

Without doubt the most famous war photograph ever taken was of the Marine Corps. During WWII, America was increasingly drawn into a war of attrition in the Pacific with Japan. And it was five marines and a medical corpsman that were featured raising the Stars and Stripes on a barren hill on Iwo Jima. The heroic deeds of the Marine Corps in all of the conflicts in the Pacific secured their reputation as one of the elite fighting forces in the world. Since WWII the Marines have been prominent in conflicts such as the Korean and the Vietnam Wars. Their ability to strike from the water and act as a landing force often means that the Marines are the first troops to engage the enemy. Post 9/11 the Marines have been key to the American strategy of defeating terrorism. And have fought bravely against the Taliban and other forces of terror that threaten the world today.