Support Your Troops!


In 1947 the National Security Act cemented the structure that had been created earlier, by establishing the different branches of the military. Among the five branches of the military are the Army and the Navy. These branches perform their duties with diligence to ensure that the country is safe from external attacks by neutralizing threats with the aim of maintaining peace and harmony in the world at large.

Most people barely know the difference between the Army and Navy. All they know is that both serve in the military which is correct, but there is a big difference between the navy and the army, from their logistics to where they carry out their operations. We are always thankful for their service and all their hard work, now you can know what it is exactly than you are being thankful for. This article will explore the disparities between these two arms of the military service and what the key differences are between them today.

Army on land

The army is tasked with defending the country through ground troops. It’s no surprise, the army is the most extensive branch of the military, in accordance to the vast ground that they have to cover. The army also protects the country from direct combat through highly sophisticated weapons and surveillance to ensure that the threats to the country are kept in check. The army is tasked with providing ground security to the nation, and it consists of specialized sub-branches that carry out different roles. These branches include highly trained officers that are effective in specific areas that may arise in the process of service to the country and managing other situations that may occur in combat.

Navy in the waters

The navy is tasked with protecting the freedom and security of the sea. Their mandate may also include transportation of other groups of soldiers to battlefronts. The navy uses different assault weapons and tactics to keep out enemies. This branch of the military also operates using naval ships big enough to carry fighter jets, launch missiles, and harbor a large number of officers on board.

The navy can also conduct search and rescue missions whenever it’s required of them. Navy officers are well trained, and each person is assigned a role and has their part to play while on duty in their ships. Apart from engaging in waters combat, the Navy can also attack land using the highly technological weapons on their warships.

Also, the command structure in the army differs from those that have been established in the navy. The chain of command is usually a little different mostly in the manner in which orders are given and how reporting is done.

The Difference

So as portrayed here, despite the both being branches of the military, differences exist between the army and the navy. Not only in their specialization but also in the way they conduct their day to day business. These differences are essential for the security of any country, and for the smooth running of operations.