Support Your Troops!


Our day-to-day lives get quite hectic most, and it’s easy to forget to show love, gratitude, and compassion towards our troops who risk their lives every day and sacrifice family life and some freedoms for the sake of our nation. Time and time again forces pay the ultimate price for our sake, and it’s about time you thought about showing your appreciation for their efforts.  There are so many ways that you can easily do so as well. You need not break the bank or spend days on end to show support to our troops a gesture such as a simple donation card is often enough.  Below are various ways we show support for both our active and retired service members.

USO of Illinois

1. Contribute to Care Packages

While on duty, soldiers miss out on some necessary comforts that we take for granted back at home. You may decide to form a special bond with a service member and send him or her care packages filled with toiletries, snacks, DVD’s, etc. Programs such as Soldier’s Angel and the United Service Organization deliver the packages.

2. Donating a Calling Card

Special Kindness in Packages (SKIP) which reviews what troops serving abroad need, noted AT&T pre-paid calling cards ranked among the most in-demand items. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service shop allows you to purchase gift cards for as low as $10 and calling cards starting at $20 to be shipped to your chosen service person. A calling card donation goes a long way in connecting our service men and their family and friends back home.

3. Supporting Families of Fallen Soldiers

Foundations such as the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation were established to put in place a means of assisting the provision of college scholarships and educational counseling to the bereaved children of fallen troops. Some families lack the financial means to put their children through college following the death of a loved who served in the military and initiatives the one mentioned above help lighten the burden of the bereaved families. Creating awareness of such initiatives also goes a long way in increasing donation made to the foundation.

4. Homes for Our Soldiers

Homes For Our Troops

The Homes for our Soldiers initiative started back in 2004 and aimed at building homes countrywide for troops who got maimed while in line in of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. This non-profit organization seeks donations of either money or land to build homes for the returning service members. Jointly home material manufacturers, contractors, and corporate firms donate funds towards building projects aimed to benefit bereaved families.

5. Put it in writing

Write a letter expressing gratitude to a military family through Blue Star Families and Operation Appreciation for those still in service or veterans. The organization mentioned above was started to connect civilians with military families to act as a bridge to aid in making military life a little bit more sustainable. You can also send a Christmas card via Red Cross through their site.