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If you are curious about enlisting in the army, but you don’t know where to start, this article will provide you steps you need to take to join the army.

Be Sure Of Your Decision

You need to be very sure that joining the army is what you want. You need to ask yourself this question, is the army for me? You need to consider the change in your lifestyle, location, opportunities available, pros and cons of joining the army before you make your decision. Soldiers are now to spend a major part of their days undergoing training, working and serving together to protect the country’s freedom. They also have time after core work for their family, personal interests, and friends. After you’ve confirmed that joining the army is really what you want, then you can go through the other steps below.

Pick the Proper Course

Any army is mix of enlisted soldiers and officers who are committed to working together to protect the country’s freedom and maintain peace. This level of commitment makes every soldier engage in selfless service. In the simplest explanation, there are three categories of soldiers in the army; the Commissioned Officers, the Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Soldiers.  Each of the categories has its specialized training, areas of expertise and responsibilities. The three categories work together to defend the country.

Enlisted soldiers

Speak With a Counselor or Recruiter

The next step is to speak to a Army Recruiter. This gives you an opportunity to ask specific questions and get clarifications on every aspect of joining and making progress in the army. Working with a Recruiter helps you tailor the experience in the army with your wants, goals, and needs. Your Recruiter will give you details of the joining the army and how to make the most of your career in the army. You can visit the army website to get details of Recruiters near.

Prepare and Take Your Exams

You are required to take the Armed services Vocational Aptitude Battery ASVAB which is a multiple-choice test which is given to test your skill in ten different areas. This is because after you join the army, you will be required to have a MOS, also known as a Military Occupational Specialty. The job opportunities available to you in the Army are determined by your score on the ASVAB. So you need take time to prepare for and pass the test.

Start the Process

The next step is to visit any of the 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations located nationwide and enlist in the Army. You will undergo a physical evaluation to determine if you physically need and you are expected to pick a MOS. The Military Occupational Specialty you choose will determine where you are stationed for your Basic Training. After which you will be sworn into the army.

Prepare After Bootcamp

You need to undergo basic training. While at the training camp, you need to put in your best behavior and maintain a positive attitude. The Steps enable you need to be set and ready.