Support Your Troops!


Veterans are men and women that sacrificed their most of their existence and loyalty to the service of their nation. It’s essential that such men and women should be given the adequate support to aid them to return to the regular life, mostly at times veterans are faced with emotional, financial, physical, and psychological challenges. Fortunately, there are a good number of opportunities one can show care for veterans. From aiding them with both financial and emotional care to giving them the respect they deserve, this will indirectly support their return to healthy living.

Recognizing Their Sacrifice and Service

Always ensure to appreciate a veteran. A simple word of appreciation like “Thank You” will go along the way once spoken to a veteran. Whenever you meet a veteran for the first, or you ran into a veteran you know, endeavor to always offer a heartfelt word of thanks, to a great extent those words will help them forget the past and enable them to adjust to the new life.

Offer to pay veteran’s bills

Anyone would be delighted with a gift of having their groceries, prescription, coffee, dinner or even hospital bills paid for. When next you approach a veteran in a queue waiting to pay for their meal or drink, offer suit the bills or more preferable do it anonymously.

Share and Listen To Their Stories

Organizations like The Veterans History Project gather stories and document them in the Library of Congress. Most veterans’ die with their stories untold or unheard. Lending a listening ear to a veteran around your area is a good act of community support. Always ensure to engage veteran into a deep discussion on their past life to help pass the story to the broader audience.

Honor Veterans

Always endeavor to show respect to veterans on these holidays. Holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day should be observed as a day of remembrance for those who have offered excellent service in the military, but there are other less favorite holidays. Most of the corresponding to particular service celebrations that you may not know. Here is a list of few these holidays:

  • Vietnam Veterans Day honors those who served during the Vietnam War.
  • Armed Forces Day honors those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Gold Star Wives Day honors those who lost loved ones in the line of duty.
  • Silver Star Service Banner Day honors wounded service personnel.
  • POW/MIA Recognition Day honors those who were captured or imprisoned during their service.

These are just a handful of the many ways you can support and help our veterans. Talk to people and find ways to help in your local area, every little bit counts and contributes worldwide. If you’re not familiar with the whole concept educate yourself! Learn more about the history of your country and it’s fight in this world, learn more and then you will be a greater help to the world. All of these tips here will be the perfect start to helping our veterans!