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Elite Soldiers of the World – Part 2

Armed conflicts and wars are something quite different today than centuries ago. You opponent would stand in front of you bearing arms making it easy to know who they were. Today subterfuge and deception is the order of the day, so sometimes it is impossible to know just who the antagonist is. Therefore, armed forces have had to adapt, have better intelligence, and be able to operate sophisticated equipment. Special elite forces have come to the fore that are equal in every manner to the evil that exists in the modern world and able to defeat it. In this blog we look at some of the very best troops in the world, elite fighting forces that keep their nations safe.

SSG – Pakistan

The Special Services Group are the elite fighting force of Pakistan, and has grown out of a need for safety due to the region’s turbulent political and religious history. The SSG are a super fit group that can march for thirty six miles and run another five miles with full gear, in just under thirteen hours. They came to the world’s attention during the Afghan-Soviet War and the numerous Indo-Pakistan conflicts. They were actually filmed during the infamous hostage incident on Pan-Am Flight 73, the SSG showed the world just how good they actually were and rescued the passengers and minimalized any damage.

GIGN – France

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group is one of the most elite European fighting forces. They are recognized as one of the toughest military forces in the whole world. The GIGN was formed during the 1972 Munich Olympics hostage massacre and France acknowledged that terrorism was the main threat to the safety of the world.

Their motto, to save lives without regard for one’s own epitomizes the commitment that the GIGN has towards conflict. The GIGN are like bloodhounds and they have a fierce reputation for hunting down and bringing to justice anybody that threatens or harms France. The unit has just two hundred troops and it is one of the most secretive of all military units, their anonymity is so treasured that it is against the law in France to take their photo.

Perhaps one of their most courageous acts was when they seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Insurgents took over this most scared of mosques in 1979 in an effort to depose the House of Saud. Together with Saudi forces the GIGN took control, amazingly a team of GIGN specialists had to be converted to Islam before they could set food in the mosque.

Sayeret Matkal – Israel

Because of its geographical position and its religious beliefs, Israel’s main threat today is that of terrorism. The Sayeret Matkal has one remit and that is to prevent and bring down terrorism and in this field they are the best in the world. The selection camp for this elite force is called the Gibbush and it could have been the father of Boot-Camps. Recruits undergo one of the toughest training regimes in the world before they are allowed to join the group.

Their role in helping suppress Palestine terror attacks has been well documented, and the rescue of Eliyahu Gurel an Israeli taxi driver was headline news in 2003. A unit of the Sayeret Matkal managed to find him in a ten meter deep pit and rescued him unhurt from the factory in Ramallah. These ultimate fighting forces featured in our blog keep the world a much safer place to live in.