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Elite Soldiers of the World – Part 1

Every nation in the world is proud of their armed forces, they portray the nature and culture of people. They do this in how they are dressed, how they march, their great traditions and history in battle. And most citizens of the world understand the need for armies especially in these trouble times of unrest and terrorism.

And while we respect the navies, armies and air forces, there is a special force that is above all else when it comes to danger. The troops eliminate potential threats and enter into arenas of conflict that few would dare to tread. These elite troops are the brave hearts of nations and can be found all over the world, who regularly risk their lives in service for both their countries and the world to maintain peace. In this blog we look at some of the most elite armed forces in the world today.

The Special Air Service (SAS) – Britain

The SAS are the elite of the elite and the basis for all Special Forces all around the world. Even crack soldiers such as the American Delta Force were based on the British Special Air Service. They are still the number one fighting force on the planet and are trained to perform and operate in many arenas of conflict. Their motto, Who Dares Wins is famous all around the world, and the fearsome badge with dagger and wings epitomizes this great force. Their fighting prowess is second to none, and even the American General Stanley McChrystal went on record to say, Essential, Could not have done it without them. Referring to the role the SAS played in the Iraq War.

Navy Seals – U.S.A

The Navy Seals are the best the U.S.A has to offer, and are an incredibly effective fighting force. They are renowned for being super fit and every member of this elite force must be capable of fifty sit-ups and forty two push-ups in four minutes. Not ignoring being able to run a mile and a half in just eleven minutes. The Sea, Air, and Land special operators are one of the most feared fighting forces in the world. They are involved in nearly every difficult and dangerous conflict that America is involved in, and inevitably come out on top.

MARCOS – India

This elite force of Marine Commandoes is the best India has to offer. They are fully trained in HAHO and HALO, and have the ultimate in equipment with the best sniper and assault rifles on the planet. Do not be fooled because you may have never heard of them, the MARCOS of India are one of the most deadly fighting forces in the world today. This is hardly surprising as they must undergo compulsory training with the SAS to complete their commando course. Also they follow many of the US Navy Seal’s training policies including intense emotional training.

They are a highly secretive force which is why they probably have not got as much world attention as they deserve. But they have carried out many notable missions such as the Kargil War. It should be noted that they are the only force apart from the U.S Navy Seals that can fight heavily armed in water bodies. In part two of the elite fighting forces of the world we look at the SSG and the GIGN.